WC Sounds & Bicycles International 

Joining forces to be there for your event!

We would love to be a part of your events and help it be the best it can be.

Bike-O-Rama – 
(mobile set up for events or neighborhood events to do the 5 essential checks you should do before each bike ride)
With one tech can see about 12 per hour – $160 per hour 
With two techs can see about 24 per hour – $240 per hour 
With three techs can see about 36 per hour – $320 per hour 
With four techs can see about 48 per hour – $400 per hour

Truss with Start / Finish line (max size 15 foot high 20 foot long) (room for a 15′ X 5′ banner) $1,000
Truss can be set up smaller if needed to fit in smaller space.

Event Sound systems:
Small for events up to 250 people – $150 per hour 
Medium for events up to 550 people – $250 per hour
Large for events with 550-3,000 people – $500 per hour

*with the sound systems we will need adequate power supplied for the system needed or requested.

*Please plan and book early to lock in your event date*

*a deposit or advertising plan must be shared and agreed upon with contract in place for the event to be considered booked*

*These items can be in full or in part traded in advertising to equal the service value.*

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